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Do you have a passion for fragrance? ScenTrend helps you explore and expand that passion! We tested, analyzed, and collaborated with experts and international fragrance houses to identify the newest trend in home fragrance — Simply Nashi Pear.

Nashi Pear! Nashi Pear! Nashi Pear! Nashi Pear! Nashi Pear! Nashi Pear! Nashi Pear!
What does <i>Simply Nashi Pear</i> smell like?

Simply Nashi Pear combines the sweetness of a pear with the mouthwatering crispness of an apple, creating a well-balanced note of juicy sweetness.

What is a Nashi Pear?

Also known as the Asian pear, this crisp, sweet, and delicious fruit is native to East Asia, and is also grown in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Similar in shape and size to an apple, nashi pears range in color from speckled green to sunny golden.

Scentsy Nashi Pear
Why is is Trending Now?

Breathe deep and let your smile bloom. This coming year will have a renewed focus on seeing the bright side, embracing spontaneity, and finding  joy. Simply Nashi Pear’s brightness evokes the importance of celebrating life’s little moments.


If you already love Scentsy fragrances, you know that scent can bring back memories, enhance your mood, and enliven your world. Simply Nashi Pear’s juicy sweetness does all of these things.

Try adding a cube or two to your favorite Scentsy fragrance and discover how Simply Nashi Pear transforms it. How is it changed? Is it sweeter, lighter, or brighter?

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